Most Common Assignments in School, College, and University Life

Writing is a usual activity in school, college, and university. You cannot run away from the writing tasks whether you are studying in your country or out of your country. It is a must task and you have got to write in great quality as well in order to qualify for good grades. Laziness is not a good sign especially when you have writing tasks and you should give up your laziness and start writing your papers. There are indeed many debates going on about the importance of assigning assignments in school and college across the world. But, it is a true fact that you have to write different assignments when you study in a college or university because it is part of your academic studies.

Teachers used to assign different assignments for students based on different subjects that they teach in the classroom. Each of the writing tasks can help students to improve their studies along with enhancing their writing, knowledge in writing and understanding in writing. The benefits that every student receives from writing different assignments are different and therefore, you should learn unique ways to excel in your writing. Academic assignment writing is always important and students can never take these tasks lightly because they will have to pay for it sooner or later. Assignments are not intended to make your academic life tough and challenging but it is intended to help you to enhance your overall studies.

Do you know about some of the assignments that you get from schools, college and universities? You will have a better understanding of different assignments if you have completed your school, college, and university studies. There are scores of different types of assignments set at university, school, and college. Each of the assignments has its own structure and features. Here is a look at some of the assignments you will be asked to write when you are in a school, college, or university:

Essay Writing

One of the common tasks you will be asked to write down every now and then during your school and college days is the essay. Students are required to write down scores of essays on different subjects and topics. A good amount of students are comfortable with writing essays because they are familiar with it and also possess sufficient amount of experience with this sort of paper. In general, an essay is a piece of writing that provides the author’s own point of view and argument on a topic or subject. Essays can also be non-fictional, subjective, expository, narrative, literary criticism, scholarly arguments, political proposals, recollections, remarks of daily life, and expressions of the writer.

Research Paper

Another very common task that can be seen in your academic life is research paper writing. It is one of the assignments that make students struggle because they are not familiar with this task. Generally, a research paper is a lengthened essay that focuses on presenting your own analysis, assessment or argument. It is a piece of academic writing and students are essential to carry out independent research on a topic. You have to come up with a narrative of the findings that you obtained from the research and therefore, it is a challenging paper for students who are inexperienced in writing the research paper.

Thesis Paper

Have you ever written a thesis paper in your college or university life? You will be asked to write down thesis paper in your higher studies and you have to write the paper in premium quality in order to get the top grade for the paper. It is a long paper and you have to spend a lot of time for research in order to produce a top quality thesis paper. It is one of the assignments that students fear to handle because they are unfamiliar with writing this kind of paper.


The dissertation is considered as a lengthy essay written on a specific subject and it is a paper that is mainly written for a university degree. A dissertation is a final year project and it differs from other kinds of assignments that you get from your college and university years. You have got to spend a lot of days to complete your dissertation and days of research are a must for this paper. A dissertation not only looks at a subject but assesses diverse viewpoint of the subject based on the research that the writing conduct. It is a paper that should be written based on original research and should present logical evidence to the arguments that you make in your paper.


Reviews are other tasks that students will be asked to deal with at some point during their school, college and university studies. There are a few review papers that students should write down and it includes book reviews, movie reviews, literature review, critical review, etc. These kinds of papers require more reading and researching just like any other papers but it should be very specific when it comes to writing reviews.

Case Study

The case study is yet another general assignment that you should write in your college life. Students have to develop their writing skills and understanding in writing if they would like to prepare a good quality case study of their own. A case study is regarded as a research approach that includes a thorough, in detail and comprehensive assessment of a subject of study. You have to conduct the deep study on a subject under study and its connected situations.

Other Assignments

The above mentioned are some of the assignments that are common in school and college years. There are some other assignments as well that many of the teachers’ ask their students to write down and some of them include literature review, annotated bibliography, compare and contrast essay, reflective journal, critical review, analytical review, project report, etc. Writing these assignments can help you to improve your writing and let you learn in a better way. So, don’t consider that writing assignments is a waste of time and it can help your studies in many ways.