Should Physical Education Be Compulsory Throughout High School System?

The health of students is important. Students’ overall academic performance can be badly affected if they are not physically fit. The high school system should give importance to enhancing the health of students, along with improving students learning. Physical education should be obligatory throughout the high school system across the world. Students should be endorsed to partake in sports because it can assist them in many ways.

There is approximately a 33% obesity rate in children, according to the health Organization. It is an alarming rate, and the problem should be fixed. A lot of solutions have been introduced to tackle the issue of obesity among students. Obesity in students can spoil their academic life, and they may not be able to focus on their learning if they are obese. Chipping in sport endorses health, and it can assist the government across the world that is important to the health of its citizens. Physical education should give meaningful learning experiences in the subject itself.

The government used to spend a lot of money to promote the health of its citizens. If they can concentrate on its citizens’ health from childhood itself, they can avoid the economical burden of the government. It is effortless to get the message passed of healthy living to children early in life. Encouraging physical activity and play all through the high school system assist kids to take care of the concerns of obesity and stimulate generating lifetime habits of exercise. Physical activity helps kids to be healthy mentally and physically.

Physical activities or sports can enjoy for life. While for some, physical activities or sports will give the opportunity of a college scholarship and even a career. A completely curved education should integrate all subjects, including physical education. The reason is that physical education assists students to comprehend the value of better health from childhood onwards. It provides children an opportunity to attempt different kinds of sport, and it means that they will develop an interest in one of the sport. They will build up an interest that could grow to be a hobby. If it develops into a hobby, they would go for it more often and lead a better way of life.

Physical education has long been compulsory in several schools around the world as these schools understand the value and influence physical education can have on students. These schools were able to keep their students healthy and active in their studies. They contributed some efficient players as well. Playing team sports persuades students to work with others. It trains kids how to triumph and try hard even though they are losing. Team sports help kids to build a strong team spirit through competition.

Physical education not only develops the habit of exercising among students but also boosts their learning by making them energetic. Physical education can aid students to increase their memory power, lessen stress, and boost self-esteem. It can get better pupils level of confidence and concentration power. It can also educate students on a lot of essential skills such as teamwork, leadership, resilience, sportsmanship, communication, patience, etc. Physical education can generate a never give up attitude in students and also the willingness to take risks in their life.