Academic Assignment Writing Citation Styles

Writing academic papers is a task that students require dealing with every now and then. Teachers used to assign different assignments to students based on different subjects that they teach inside the classroom. These assignments are crucial and students require writing the assignments in a way that their teachers ask for. Assignment writing is accompanied by certain grades and students need to score high grade every time for the assignments. The grades that students get for assignments can make a huge impact on their overall grades. Students need to follow the instructions and needs of their teachers to write a great paper.

There are many assignments that students need to handle during their school, college and university years. Some of them include case study essay, compare and contrast essay, critical essay, essay writing, scholarship essay, term paper, dissertation proposal, annotated bibliography, thesis abstract, research paper, movie review, PowerPoint presentation, coursework, dissertation writing, thesis proposal, thesis writing, multiple choice questions, research proposal, 5 paragraph essay, book review, argumentative essay, etc important things is citation. You need to pick the right citation style for your academic paper. There are many things that students should look at when writing an essay or academic paper. One of them will be the citation.

Different Citation Styles

Students used to make a lot of mistakes in citation style. They struggle to write according to the citation style suggested by their professors. There are different citation styles that you can use in your academic assignment writing. You need to follow the instructions of your teachers when it comes to picking a citation style. Professors will let you know the citation style that you have to choose to write your essay. There are three main citation styles used to correctly format an academic paper such as APA, MLA, or CMS. Here is a look at the commonly used citation styles in academic writing:

  • APA: APA citation style stands for the American Psychological Association. It is commonly used in Psychology, Education, medicine, social work, sociology, and Sciences.
  • MLA: MLA citation style stands for the Modern Language Association. It is usually used in the Humanities, the language arts, and cultural studies.
  • Chicago or CMS: CMS citation style stands for the Chicago Manual of Style. It is generally used in the humanities, History, Business, and the Fine Arts.

Other Important Citation Styles   

  • Turabian: It is named after Kate L. Turabian. Turabian style citation is mainly centered on the Chicago style.
  • Harvard: Harvard style is related to Humanities and Social Sciences which include details about the writer of the work cited, the date of publication, and the page number.
  • IEEE: It stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and covers technical fields such as electronics, computer science, telecommunications, etc.
  • ACS: It stands for the American Chemistry society and widely used in papers connected to the chemistry and some natural sciences.
  • AMA: It stands for the American Medical Association and used for papers in medical and related fields along with the scientific journals, textbooks, and scholarly assignments.
  • ASA: It stands for the American Sociological Association and applied for academic works in the area of sociology.
  • CSE: CSE means Council of Science Editors and it is usually used by biologists. It is split into three sub-styles such as Citation-name system, Name-year system, and Citation-sequence system.
  • Bluebook: The Bluebook citation is legal associated and is cited in legal documents.
  • CBE: CBE denotes Council of Biology Editors. It is widely used for biology-related disciplines. It is useful to write papers and cite sources in Biology.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver Style is the citation style applied in biomedical journals and Medline.

Why Include Citation in Your Writing

The citation is a quote from or reference to a book, paper, or writer, in particular in academic work. It is the citation that makes your writing more truthful and academic related. The quotes and references that you make it in your writing can make you more convincing and realistic as a writer. Students should not ignore the truth that a lot of assignments have their own essay formatting styles. There are some particular citation styles that must be stick to when writing essays, term papers, coursework, research papers, etc. Citation allows your professors to better perceive the work submitted by you on its own merits, opposed to getting you into the plagiarism troubles.

  • Citations allow your professor or people reading your writing, find the materials and sources you utilized in your research and also to write your essay or any other paper.
  • The most important thing to a great citation is offering all the details considered necessary for your reader to find the paper as genuine. You should cite the book, article, or other sources you have used in writing.
  • The citation is an acknowledgment to the references used to write your paper.
  • It offers credibility to your writing and confirms that your ideas are authentic.
  • Citing scholarly and peer-reviewed sources gives originality to your work.
  • Citation evades plagiarism and it lets you provide credit to the author.