Article Review Writing Guide For Students

There are several ways to present or write an article review but it depends really on your background, your readers and your reason to write the review. There is a simple formula or trick that you can use if you want to write an article review. An article review is simply an article written highlighting definite points of a previously written article that would lead the reader to read it and they will find interest in that particular article.

What is Article Review?

Article review is an evaluation and summary of an article written by other writers. Teacher’s assign the article reviews to the students in order to introduce them to the best work in their specific field.

Understanding the major arguments and points of an article is most important for a successful summation. The custom essay writing service will write article review by including all the ideas and arguments. One needs to evaluate logically the major theme, associated arguments and some implications for future research on their article review.

Reviews are generally the result of a person’s opinion but they should be impartial and well constructed if you want to make believable and real. Keep in mind that nobody wants to read rhetoric and they are looking for the shortened reviews to get past it.

Secret of Writing

When you are writing the article reviews, always maintain a stance of neutrality. Any particular bias can come across and the reader will lose trust and their interest in the content. The writers of the custom essay writing service understand how to write your review with no bias. If you have a certain personal bias toward one particular article or the writer, you will not be able to show all the good elements and bad elements and will not be able to draw attention to pitfalls.

You can present more than one opinion in your article review. You should engage with the existing texts and the topic to write a good response to the ideas of your scholarly writer. You need to use the research, ideas, and theories from your own level of studies. The custom essay writing service will do the research and find out ideas to include in your paper. You need to create the critique on the basis of proofs and your own logic.

Read the article properly that you are going to write. If you don’t have good knowledge of the article or the topic described on it, you will never be able to write a good review on it. With the help of a custom essay writing service, you can submit a good quality paper.

Your article reviews will be a response to the research of the author but not any specific new research that you have done.

You can add four important elements to make it standalone:

• Summary of the article
• Classification
• Comparison
• Analysis

Simple points to keep in mind while writing an article review

• Create a clear and logical structure of your writing
• First, make a complete outline of the major points that you will evaluate
• Ignore the less important facts of the article
• Write the article review in your own words
• Add an appropriate title of your review
• Cite properly the article you are reviewing
• Start writing it with an introduction
• In your own words, write an overview of the article first
• Then come to the body of your review and add the evaluation and arguments here
• Wrap up it with a conclusion
• Don’t forget to proofread