Points To Consider While Writing Article Critique

Article critique writing is an important part of academic life and a great learning opportunity for the students. Any piece of writing can hugely benefit students and they can receive the results they are searching for.

This is an encouraging option for all the aspiring writers from every walk of life, creed or race. Articles critique is an honest evaluation of an article and the best essay writers of the custom essay writing service will do it for you without much effort.

Article critique is an objective analysis of a specific literary piece.

Points To Consider In Critiquing:


Anyone who undertakes a project of article critiquing should be aware of some specific guidelines just like the professionals of the custom essay writing service online. In fairness to the writer of the article, one should read the article thoroughly.

Read the title with proper care. Is the article in line with its title? Is the writer able to focus on the article title? Keep in mind that it is quite easy to get carried away for the writers. How is the topic developed? Is the presentation is clear? Is the flow of writing easy to understand?


The article should be properly presented in line with the article title. A good article should flow appropriately from one paragraph to another without losing its context. All the information should be presented in a coherent manner.

Style and Technique

Every writer posses his/her own style and it is the main reason why students seek the assistance from the essay writers of the custom essay writing service online. As you are reading the article to critique, start with a positive impression. Try to see the nifty aspects of the writer. Keep special attention to its spelling and grammar part.

An article critique will be able to pick up on a meticulous writer, the writer who pays good attention to style, technique, grammar, and format.

Unless the article is written poorly and needs a rewrite, you need to present the negative comments with an upbeat note. Start critiquing an article with an overall impression of it. Find out what impressed you and what not impressed you as the reader of the article. Did the article keep your interest? Keep these points in your mind and an article critique would be effective.

Differences between Review and Critique

There is a thin line between a critique and an article review. Some come up with the knowledge to discern whether a written comment about anything that was presented in either as a critic or a reviewer.

What Is The Difference Between A Comment And A Review?

Critiquing someone’s writing should be done by someone who has dedicated a huge amount of time to master a specific area of expertise. A critique writer should have the knowledge and education in the specific field or genre, on that the paper is written. The custom essay writing service has writers who have better knowledge about writing an article critique.

On the other hand, a reviewer who formed specific interest to the certain topic and has the liberty of voicing out her/his thought.

In terms of the message of these two, there is also a huge difference. Reviews are generally presented with the complete impression of the work in question. The comments should state not by looking at each unit but as how the entire system worked together. Specific points are pointed out in a critique.