Proofreading or Editing an Essay

Before submitting an essay, your research paper or an academic article, it is important to take some key steps in making sure that the piece is of high quality, easy to read and understand and free from any errors. Here comes the importance of proofreading and editing your paper. You can do it yourself or can have fresh eyes to do the task. There are some easy steps that you can follow while proofreading your paper.

Steps to Consider

a. As the first step in your proofreading and editing task, you need to run the spell checker on the word processor. This will help you to catch the obvious mistakes that may have been made during the writing process. But this is not any foolproof process. The best essay writing service used to follow many methods to keep your paper from all forms of errors. A spell checker can miss a quite few obvious mistakes that you need to give attention before submitting your essay or article.

b. The second step is more important because the first one is not enough for proofreading. You need to take some time to read the article. Read it more patiently. You may have read through the paper already but do it again as the spell checkers task is done. Take some time to identify parts of the essay that need to tighten up or reword to make it more convenient. Keep your dictionary with you and don’t rush while pursuing the process. If you can manage editing and proofreading, the best essay writing service has professionals to do it for you.

c. As you are reading the article, check it like a professional proofreader. It is quite essential to look for the instances where the essay might repeat itself. You need to change the words that are often repeated throughout the essay with some similar meaning words. Make sure that the written information is crisp and new as the paper moves on, instead of recapping just itself from the start to the end.

d. Another major part of editing and proofreading a paper is to make sure that the words are used only where it is needed. Checking the sentence structure and usage of the proper comma is also important. You will be able to find out more errors by pulling essentially the essay apart by reading one sentence at a time. Try to read the sentence forward first and then backward and that will help you to analyze the text better. Seeking the help of specialists of the best essay writing service can help you to make your paper error-free.

e. There are many online tools or software that you can use to proofread your article.

f. If you are going to edit your paper, check that whether the information is adequate and the paper has a good flow of thought.

g. Editing and proofreading are used often as the interchangeable words but they are different in their works. Both of the processes demand a careful and close reading of a finished paper but they focus on some different aspects.

Difference between Editing and Proofreading

In editing, you need to check the paragraph presentation, content, overall structure, citation, style of writing, thought structure, etc. On the other hand, in proofreading, one needs to fix the grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling errors and so on. The writers of the best essay writing service will fix all the errors of your paper with ease. If you want to score high and your desire is to submit an error-free, easy to understand the paper, you cannot ignore the importance of these two steps as you have finished your essay writing process.